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Exclusive Assorted Handmade Little Nyonya Cookies & Biscuits(8Flavours+Free Gift)

What is in the box:

1. Nyonya Flossy Chicken Crisps x3 - 8pcs(Individual Pack)

2. Nyonya Sambal Shrimp Crisps x3 - 8pcs(Individual Pack)

3. Nyonya Walnut Cookies x2 - 8pcs(Individual Pack)

4. Nyonya Almond Cookies x2 - 8pcs(Individual Pack)

5. Nyonya Sesame Crisps x2 - 3pcs/Individual Pack(Total: 4x Individual Pack)

6. Nyonya Coconut Crisps(Box) x1 - 9pcs(Individual Pack)

7. Nyonya Flossy Chicken Crisps(Box) x1 - 9pcs(Individual Pack)

8. FREE GIFT x 1 - Nyonya Caramel Almond - 4pcs(Individual Pack)

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Little Nyonya Value Pack (Handmade Biscuits 3 in 1)

    What is in the box:

  1. 1 x Little Nyonya Caramel Almond Biscuits 70g
  2. 1 x Little Nyonya Flossy Chicken Crisps 8pcs Individual Pack 140g
  3. 1 x Little Nyonya Sambal Shrimp Crisps 8pcs Individual Pack 140g
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